Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bang On!One year completed!!

Both of us completed the first year of parenthood and celebrated it with friends and family!!

The party invitation had to be as special as the occasion!!
The invitation cards were hand made( obviously by me!!) though his mausi improvised the design.
His Nana and Nani pitched in by making the envelopes and his dad contributed by posting the cards.
Though I know this may seem an outdated way as no one posts cards these days, but it was something I wanted to do for my baby, to mark his presence in our lives!!

The party venue was Hotel MOSAIC, Noida and the day was Sunday, 20th Jan 2008.
The guest list had about 100 people, all close relatives and friends.The best part was that almost everyone came!!!
Though I would say we invited people whom we knew will come ;)

Birthday cake was as tall as the birthday boy..It was a two tier cake and as everyone commented "it was delicious". I think cake is one think for which the birthday's are celebrated.
Though Golu didn't appreciate people making him eat it!!

For the cake cutting ceremony,the background score was a specially mixed and recorded birthday song!! (courtesy:Dad) .

One of the specially arranged event was the Roaming Magician!!He surely kept the kids and even the adults entertained.It was magical the way the coins disappeared, the cards guessed and
the ribbons were rearranged.

The continuous rounds of snacks and soft drinks made the party better.....
There were four items on the snacks platter."Mini Pizza" was a smashing hit!

"Creme of Tomato" being the soup being served. It tasted quite well, though I cannot vouch for either the snacks or the soup as I didn't taste them

The main course had the following items:
Salads : Four types
Dahi Bhalla
And 5 main dishes with Biryani.
Dessert: Rasmalai and Gulab Jamun.

Food was hot and breads were served promptly.Guests had a couple of rounds and relished all the preparations!
All praises for the Chef.

The pre-prepared and named set of return gifts for all the kids according to their interests and age helped a lot. There was no last minute confusion and luckily no kid was missed!!

I was pretty surprised with myself and hubby dear that we were able to manage everything quite well and there were no hitches. Everything went smoothly and ended on a happy note!

Now about the birthday boy..Once the guests left and he had the party hall to himself he became active.
He wanted to smash all the balloons which decorated the place,taste the ribbon lying around, climb up and down all the chairs, open his birthday presents and dance to the tune of the famous number "Nagada Nagada".

He caught hold of a chocolate lying on the table and in one bite took it in.It was too big for him but had to be eaten....He didn't throw it but relished it and finished it...
Chocolates after all do taste good!
He too had to do something new for marking his birthday..

On the whole an entertaining and well planned party..
I would say a great accomplishment for us, the first time parents!!
Three cheers!!!!!!!!!!

P.S : Someone is being too modest here....

With his Nanu!

Friday, January 18, 2008

My cot is only mine

My baby ,since he has been five months old, sleeps in his own bed(cot) though he shares the room with us. Past few days he has started showing signs of being possessive about his cot.

Only his toys, pillows and bedding can be put in the cot. Rest anything if kept,is very promptly thrown out.

Last night he did something really funny, he was so inquisitive as to what all type of bedding is occupying space. He wanted to dig..
Golu began throwing of the layers.. first went the pillows and his toys..A direct throw from the cot to our bed.Next was the bed sheet, followed by mattress. What a victorious smile he had !!
What a folly I committed then, by putting some of the things back... Oh my god! they came back at me with an amazing force followed by a frown meaning "Mom this is my place and can you please let it be the way I want!!"

God only knows what would he want to unravel the next!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Preparations are on!

I have been itching to blog since days, but somehow or the other it wasn't just happening.
Past few days have been so busy. I realized organizing a party isn't an easy task.
Hats off to the event management people who manage it all..

Some night a few days back an idea stuck! why not do something really special for this occasion.
And next day the search started for an amazing, eye catching, simple invitation card template. The card has to be as special as my baby!!

Several links were searched, cards tried and finally (with inputs from my sis) came up this:

First Page:
Our little champ is turning


Second Page:
Come, Celebrate, and
have some fun at

First Birthday!!

We got the hand made paper from Khadi. it has a wide range of both colors and types of paper.
Though we couldn't find the envelopes of the desired size!!
I think we will end up making them too.......

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Visit to AksharDham Temple

Aarush's birthday party wasn't on the day he was born but a few days later.

We decided to keep it this way to avoid weekday rush, and to also to celebrate his day in a quite fashion.
Both of us took off that day and held a small pooja and havan in the morning at out place. His Nanu, Nani and Mausi joined us.

In the afternoon, we visited the Akshardam Temple. The weather was good. Though January days are very chilly, this day was no exception but the sun was shining bright.

We didnt visit the exhibitions and the boat rides, just the temple.It a masterpiece. Every carving beautifully and intricately done.

Aarush enjoyed himself a lot...The open spaces fascinate him.
Aarush's dada and dadi loved the temple, they had been wanting to visit the place since long.
The restaurant in the temple premises offers a lot of choice. All the dishes we ordered are well prepared.

We all came back home by 6.30 and spent a quite evening at home.
I loved the day.....
I managed to spent it completely with my family..What more could I ask for :)

Outside Akshardham temple

Learning to drive from 1st B'day onwards

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Junk Food always a winner!

Health or taste what to choose.Most of us are always in a fix.
99 percent of times the things which taste the best are laden with calories.Even the thought of hot chocolate fudge or an extra cheese pizza makes our mouth water.
My son, just about an year old can also figure out what tastes the best.Normal dinner like chapati, pulses, green veggies doesn't interest him at all.But pizza, cheese sandwich, chips are a hit.

However much to try to put the food in his mouth, he won't open

Even when he was about 6 months and the doctor asked us to start semi solids, no baby food would interest him.He would relish grapes, mashed potato. And repeat the menu at your own risk!
One day my hubby was having hakka noodles and I had made potato for him.He compared his food with his dad and sensed the difference.I couldnt make him eat that portion.
Something clicked then, we put that bowl along with the hakka noodles in the plate. He then was satisfied that he is also being given the same thing which we are eating and ate his food peacefully..

As he is growing older, anything which is given to him on plate is never eaten, but the same thing picked us from the floor is so much better for his palate.

God! taste buds..what a sense humans have !!!!