Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dance with me!

Last week was my cousin's wedding, and as it is with other weddings in India, there was lots of music and dance.
We all cousins prepared a small musical skit with lots of practice sessions.

Aarush enjoyed himself immensely and thats not all participated in all this actively..
And now his love for music and dance has increased many folds..

Whenever he listens a dancing beat, up go his hands and and he starts moving them. Thats not all whomsoever is present in the vicinity has to dance with him...

He doesn't speak but he expresses it all...The expressions, his movements, the tone of his voice.......

Even more fun are the ring tones, specially my sisters. Whenever he meets here Mausi, the only thing he wants her to do is play that ringtone , get on the floor and dance with him!!

A pure joyful moment!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fool's Day and Aarush

You must be thinking what Fool's day has to do with Aarush. He's just over an year and has a vocabulary of 7 words. For him Fool's day started a couple of weeks back. That was the first time he made a fool of someone. And that someone was me.
Well, it was a quiet evening. We all were having dinner and Aarush was busy playing cricket with his bat and ball. After sometime I noticed the ball was replaced by a saucer. I asked him, "आरुष बॉल कहाँ है?" (Aarush, where is the ball?) He smiled a little, then sat down and pointed his finger below the dining table. I bent a little to look for the ball and he started laughing aloud. After few seconds everybody else started laughing. There was no ball below the table!