Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fond Memories

Since the day Aarush has started speaking there have been a lot of comments, questions, answers which are worth capturing and make you smile once you remember them.

Time does fade good memories as well!

Starting this post and hoping to add to it as and when I remember ....

Aarush used to love eating his bites with "billi" (Cat) . He had to eat his bite before the billi comes and grabs it......

The typical sentence being...""biiliiiii aaaaja, aarush ki bite kha jaa"". 

This worked for few weeks, one day on repeating the same sentence comes his prompt reply " Nani aaj aap billi ko aane do, and mera khana use khila do "  and he grew out of this "BIlli" phase.

On our trip to Jaisalmer, Aarush was introduced to Neerav's colleague "Siddhartha". Almost after a month, we went on a  trip to HK, where we saw a small animation on Lord Budha and his life.

In the movie, there was a sequence where "Siddhartha" rode the horse and left the town.
After watching the movie, we asked Aarush did he enjoy it, he said " Ya, and I saw Siddharth uncle, voh ghode par baith kar kahin jaa rahe the".

On the same trip, Aarush met Vardaan, our friend's son, for the first time on this trip. Being in Hongkong, Vardaan spoke very good english and little hindi and it was quite opposite with Aarush. 

All of us worked as translators for both of them. One of the best moments was seeing both of them performing " Bamboo Dance".

When we were expecting our second baby, we asked Aarush would he like to have a baby girl or a baby boy, he always wanted a baby boy to make pairs like "Krishna Balram" or " Ram Laxman", his all time favourite characters.

One day he asked me " Mom why cant you be sure whether we will get a baby boy or a girl" I told him " Aarush, this is something which God has decided".

He replied back, " Mom don't worry, on Janmasthmi,  I will become Lord Krishna and hence God and then I will send a baby boy for us :)"

While deciding the names  of our second bay, we were exploring a few options, Aarush's choice was always based on the named of the car, if a baby boy the name was to be "Punto" and if girl "Leenu"