Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Aarush's fultoo masti on Holi

Holi came and went....and Aarush got introduced to fun of playing in water.
This time instead of putting in words Aarush's "mauj" (fun) on Holi, I will let the pics we clicked that day speak for themselves..

Fun time on Holi

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mumma is the first word

Aarush spoke his first word...and that was "MUMMA"

It was such a surprise...Two three days back, when I cam home from work, Aarush rushed out to greet me saying "mumma........."

The happiness, love, wonder and whatnot all I felt at that moment cannot be put into words..
Though I still believe if he has uttered any other word, I would have been equally happy but this moment was precious..
I have been a mother last 14 months but being called "mumma" opened a whole new set of feelings for me..

Once confident of his new word, Aarush has started saying a few more. Today the addition to his dictionary was a hindi word " aaja" which means come here.

Everyone says he will soon start speaking, I too wish the same. But at the moment I am enjoying my peace.....

Activity Journal II - Fan Fascination

Aarush these days is enthralled by anything which is round and rotates!
My mom innocently showed him once with finger movement how does the fan move :"gol gol gol...." and that started it.

These days as summers have made their presence felt in North India, the ceiling fans have started.
Whenever Aarush enters any room of our home, the first look is for the FAN!..

If it isn't on, t
he round finger actions start, indicating his wish for the Fan to be ON!

Our kitchen doesn't have a ceiling fan, one day he discovered the presence of the exhaust fan.....

I know soon his interest will be diverted to a newer thing,fan will lose its novelty.
But till then this is fun!!!