Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mumma is the first word

Aarush spoke his first word...and that was "MUMMA"

It was such a surprise...Two three days back, when I cam home from work, Aarush rushed out to greet me saying "mumma........."

The happiness, love, wonder and whatnot all I felt at that moment cannot be put into words..
Though I still believe if he has uttered any other word, I would have been equally happy but this moment was precious..
I have been a mother last 14 months but being called "mumma" opened a whole new set of feelings for me..

Once confident of his new word, Aarush has started saying a few more. Today the addition to his dictionary was a hindi word " aaja" which means come here.

Everyone says he will soon start speaking, I too wish the same. But at the moment I am enjoying my peace.....

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