Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fool's Day and Aarush

You must be thinking what Fool's day has to do with Aarush. He's just over an year and has a vocabulary of 7 words. For him Fool's day started a couple of weeks back. That was the first time he made a fool of someone. And that someone was me.
Well, it was a quiet evening. We all were having dinner and Aarush was busy playing cricket with his bat and ball. After sometime I noticed the ball was replaced by a saucer. I asked him, "आरुष बॉल कहाँ है?" (Aarush, where is the ball?) He smiled a little, then sat down and pointed his finger below the dining table. I bent a little to look for the ball and he started laughing aloud. After few seconds everybody else started laughing. There was no ball below the table!

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Jassi said...

This is funny..Aarush is born with good sense of humour :)...way to go kid..Cheers