Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aarush you made us proud!

Its been almost an year since I wrote anything...Nothing motivated me, the words didnt come...

Finally, the happeings of today morning pushed me to write so that time doesn't make these memories dull

Aarush has been going to a play group since he has been two which was long way back in Jan'09

Past 9 months have been a roller coaster ride for us, starting from handling his aversion to school, his temper tantrums, getting complaints that he has hit someone ....
Finally in July, he got a bit adjusted, started making friends, showing some excitement and most importantly started to talk about the school with us.

His teachers told me even though he is very active in the class but is very adamant on not participating in any individual activity.
I was disappointed and used to get very agitated at times over this... but slowly I realized, its futile to be over pushy.....

Then came the notice that there will be "Fancy Dress Competition" in his school on 8th October, I asked him what he wants to be, and he said "HUMPTY DUMPTY" .
Hence began the preparations for it.I knew it in my mind and heart that he will not go on stage, but I wanted to do my bit and be hopeful.

Till today morning Aarush was pretty excited about the event but as the time came near, he started having cold feet and get pretty edgy.Before he left for school, I told him" If you will perform today as humpty dumpty, you will make me very happy"

We reached there at 10 and the function started, after about 3-4 kids Aarush's name was announced and then there was no activity for sometime, I was keeping my fingers crossed but soonafter some other kid came on the stage.We were sad but then we knew this is going to happen.
Then all of a sudden, We saw Aarush on stage, dressed up as "Humpty Dumpty " and saying on the mic " I am humpty Dumpty" exactly the way I had taught him!!!!!!
His voice was tremoring, his face was red but he had never looked more adorable and sounded more sweet to me!
And then he started receiting his favourite poem
"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, had a great fall ................................."

Nothing can ever beat the pride and sense of achievement I felt in my son.
It was a major step for Aarush and how much he would have over come, how much courage he would have gathered to step on the stage !!

Aarush : "Three cheers for you, we love you"
You have really made your parents proud and happy today...
Way to go............

On the stage at School

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