Friday, December 28, 2007

As the big day approaches..

Soon my golu is going to be an year old.The count down has started..He is gonna be a big boy..and the age count will soon be years instead of months.Time files ..
The party planning has started.guest list is being made daily with some names deleted and some added.confusion prevails..who all to invite and whom to leave.

The party venues are being searched and discussions are on about the food.

Golu, unaware of all this, is busy with his mischiefs.
His participation is almost nil on this birthday of his..after few years we will be inviting his guests, hosting party at venue of his choice and food surely will be selected by him..

Strange, kids dont remember the most crucial year of their life and definately not their first birthday..
I think this one is surely for the parents..and they show off to the world..see We were able to survive the first year of parenthood!!!!

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