Thursday, January 3, 2008

Junk Food always a winner!

Health or taste what to choose.Most of us are always in a fix.
99 percent of times the things which taste the best are laden with calories.Even the thought of hot chocolate fudge or an extra cheese pizza makes our mouth water.
My son, just about an year old can also figure out what tastes the best.Normal dinner like chapati, pulses, green veggies doesn't interest him at all.But pizza, cheese sandwich, chips are a hit.

However much to try to put the food in his mouth, he won't open

Even when he was about 6 months and the doctor asked us to start semi solids, no baby food would interest him.He would relish grapes, mashed potato. And repeat the menu at your own risk!
One day my hubby was having hakka noodles and I had made potato for him.He compared his food with his dad and sensed the difference.I couldnt make him eat that portion.
Something clicked then, we put that bowl along with the hakka noodles in the plate. He then was satisfied that he is also being given the same thing which we are eating and ate his food peacefully..

As he is growing older, anything which is given to him on plate is never eaten, but the same thing picked us from the floor is so much better for his palate.

God! taste buds..what a sense humans have !!!!

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