Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bang On!One year completed!!

Both of us completed the first year of parenthood and celebrated it with friends and family!!

The party invitation had to be as special as the occasion!!
The invitation cards were hand made( obviously by me!!) though his mausi improvised the design.
His Nana and Nani pitched in by making the envelopes and his dad contributed by posting the cards.
Though I know this may seem an outdated way as no one posts cards these days, but it was something I wanted to do for my baby, to mark his presence in our lives!!

The party venue was Hotel MOSAIC, Noida and the day was Sunday, 20th Jan 2008.
The guest list had about 100 people, all close relatives and friends.The best part was that almost everyone came!!!
Though I would say we invited people whom we knew will come ;)

Birthday cake was as tall as the birthday boy..It was a two tier cake and as everyone commented "it was delicious". I think cake is one think for which the birthday's are celebrated.
Though Golu didn't appreciate people making him eat it!!

For the cake cutting ceremony,the background score was a specially mixed and recorded birthday song!! (courtesy:Dad) .

One of the specially arranged event was the Roaming Magician!!He surely kept the kids and even the adults entertained.It was magical the way the coins disappeared, the cards guessed and
the ribbons were rearranged.

The continuous rounds of snacks and soft drinks made the party better.....
There were four items on the snacks platter."Mini Pizza" was a smashing hit!

"Creme of Tomato" being the soup being served. It tasted quite well, though I cannot vouch for either the snacks or the soup as I didn't taste them

The main course had the following items:
Salads : Four types
Dahi Bhalla
And 5 main dishes with Biryani.
Dessert: Rasmalai and Gulab Jamun.

Food was hot and breads were served promptly.Guests had a couple of rounds and relished all the preparations!
All praises for the Chef.

The pre-prepared and named set of return gifts for all the kids according to their interests and age helped a lot. There was no last minute confusion and luckily no kid was missed!!

I was pretty surprised with myself and hubby dear that we were able to manage everything quite well and there were no hitches. Everything went smoothly and ended on a happy note!

Now about the birthday boy..Once the guests left and he had the party hall to himself he became active.
He wanted to smash all the balloons which decorated the place,taste the ribbon lying around, climb up and down all the chairs, open his birthday presents and dance to the tune of the famous number "Nagada Nagada".

He caught hold of a chocolate lying on the table and in one bite took it in.It was too big for him but had to be eaten....He didn't throw it but relished it and finished it...
Chocolates after all do taste good!
He too had to do something new for marking his birthday..

On the whole an entertaining and well planned party..
I would say a great accomplishment for us, the first time parents!!
Three cheers!!!!!!!!!!

P.S : Someone is being too modest here....

With his Nanu!


vibhav said...

Nicely articulated.........................

Jassi said...

Very well described Aks...I just felt that i was present there (as i was not invited lol :)).. You and Neerav were looking too good . Rest B'day boy seems to enjoy every bit of it.
Keep Rocking!!!! Jassi