Friday, January 18, 2008

My cot is only mine

My baby ,since he has been five months old, sleeps in his own bed(cot) though he shares the room with us. Past few days he has started showing signs of being possessive about his cot.

Only his toys, pillows and bedding can be put in the cot. Rest anything if kept,is very promptly thrown out.

Last night he did something really funny, he was so inquisitive as to what all type of bedding is occupying space. He wanted to dig..
Golu began throwing of the layers.. first went the pillows and his toys..A direct throw from the cot to our bed.Next was the bed sheet, followed by mattress. What a victorious smile he had !!
What a folly I committed then, by putting some of the things back... Oh my god! they came back at me with an amazing force followed by a frown meaning "Mom this is my place and can you please let it be the way I want!!"

God only knows what would he want to unravel the next!

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