Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Visit to AksharDham Temple

Aarush's birthday party wasn't on the day he was born but a few days later.

We decided to keep it this way to avoid weekday rush, and to also to celebrate his day in a quite fashion.
Both of us took off that day and held a small pooja and havan in the morning at out place. His Nanu, Nani and Mausi joined us.

In the afternoon, we visited the Akshardam Temple. The weather was good. Though January days are very chilly, this day was no exception but the sun was shining bright.

We didnt visit the exhibitions and the boat rides, just the temple.It a masterpiece. Every carving beautifully and intricately done.

Aarush enjoyed himself a lot...The open spaces fascinate him.
Aarush's dada and dadi loved the temple, they had been wanting to visit the place since long.
The restaurant in the temple premises offers a lot of choice. All the dishes we ordered are well prepared.

We all came back home by 6.30 and spent a quite evening at home.
I loved the day.....
I managed to spent it completely with my family..What more could I ask for :)

Outside Akshardham temple

Learning to drive from 1st B'day onwards

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