Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Preparations are on!

I have been itching to blog since days, but somehow or the other it wasn't just happening.
Past few days have been so busy. I realized organizing a party isn't an easy task.
Hats off to the event management people who manage it all..

Some night a few days back an idea stuck! why not do something really special for this occasion.
And next day the search started for an amazing, eye catching, simple invitation card template. The card has to be as special as my baby!!

Several links were searched, cards tried and finally (with inputs from my sis) came up this:

First Page:
Our little champ is turning


Second Page:
Come, Celebrate, and
have some fun at

First Birthday!!

We got the hand made paper from Khadi. it has a wide range of both colors and types of paper.
Though we couldn't find the envelopes of the desired size!!
I think we will end up making them too.......

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