Monday, February 11, 2008

Activity Journal - 1

Last one month had been full of activity, with something or the other turning up. Amidst all this Aarush kept us fully entertained with his antics.

He hasn't started speaking but can very clearly indicate his likes and dislikes.

My dressing table has be swiped out.Everything has moved inside. I think thats the fate of every table that exists in any household with young kids.
But his fascination for such small things fascinates me a lot!!
The victorious look on his face when he figures out how his scooter works, or when he reaches out for something and is able to grab it or when he successfully communicates his like is priceless..

The other day we were spending the Sunday in a shopping mall. Aarush enjoys himself immensely there.
He stood outside a shop and was observing people getting in and out. This continued for about 1-2 minutes. We were wondering what is he up to as he rarely stays at a place for so long...

Then much to our amazement, the door opens and a man walks out of the shop , and........Aarush rushes inside the shop!!!!

The surprised look on the guards face, the happiness on Aarush's face sure made a perfect Kodak Moment!!!!

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