Monday, July 21, 2008

The day when mankind discovered wheels

The battery driven scooter which my son got on his first birthday still continues to be a passion for him even after 7 months..
Every morning the first thing he wants to do is take a ride on it...He has figured out that the more the pressure used to press the pedal, the more the desired speed..
Though besides driving the scooter on all its wheels, Aarush has figured out different ways of driving it...
Out of the three wheels, one is battery operated and two are manual, till few days back he used put the scooter on its one side and manually rotate the wheel.....and if the side too had to be according to his wish...
These days, he choses the side which has automatic wheel up, pushes the pedal and enjoys the scooter in motion.....SIDEWAYS!!!

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Jassi said...

lol..that was cute..He is driving as instructed :)...Neerav wrote about that Judo thing "Hoo haa" he did at home.. That was hilarious... :)